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ZEMIMET SR: Size Doesn't Matter

ZEMIMET SR is a small but potent single pill combination of Gemigliptin and Metformin, featuring sustain release action. It not only promotes better compliance with its once-daily dosing but also offers enhanced tolerability. Reliable and effective, this small tablet is a game-changer for diabetes management.

TELSTAR: The Star among all Telmisartan

Discover the stellar power of TELSTAR, GX's brand of Telmisartan. A true standout among all Telmisartan options, TELSTAR shines bright in blood pressure control. Embrace the star of effectiveness and reliability – choose TELSTAR.

ROVASTIN: The Epic Rosuvastatin

Introducing ROVASTIN, the epic Rosuvastatin! Unlock the power of cholesterol control with this exceptional product. Embrace the epic journey towards better heart health.


The newest brand of GX contains ursodeoxycholic acid, DESTONE, a valuable medication, plays a crucial role in the management and treatment of cholestatic liver disease. This comprehensive review delves into its indications, mechanism of action, and contraindications, highlighting how UDCA effectively serves as an agent to combat liver disease.

The optimized DPP-IV Inhibitor, Zemiglo

Zemiglo is the optimized DPP-IV Inhibitor, because of its five unique characteristics like Potent Efficacy, Stable Glycemic Control, Beyond Glycemic Control, Reliable Safety and Better Compliance.

New GXI Corporate Center

On April 30, 2019, GXI inaugurated its own Corporate Center located in Buencamino St., Cupang, Muntinlupa City.

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ZIMMUNITY 500mg/10mg

ZIMMUNITY, your ultimate blend of Ascorbic Acid + Zinc! Boost your immune system with this powerful combination. Embrace robust protection and overall well-being – choose ZIMMUNITY for a healthier you.

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