Posted August 14, 2019

What is SeraSeal®
SeraSeal® is a new and innovative hemostatic agent that is designed to stop bleeding on contact, and within seconds for arterial hemorrhages. It is comprised of agar and active bovine factor proteins: IIa (Thrombin), VIIa (Proconvertin), IXa (Christmas factor), X (Stuart Prower), with an activity level >3000 IU/ml, and acts as a catalyst in the clot formation process. This patented single component system can tackle any bleeding situation with the potential to save many lives. When seconds count, SeraSeal® can make the difference which gives the patient the greatest opportunity for survival and tissue preservation.

Why SeraSeal®
SeraSeal's® ability to achieve hemostasis in seconds not only benefits the patient but the hospitals as well, in substantial cost savings in their overhead expenses. By controlling bleeding, the need for blood transfusions is strongly reduced. When SeraSeal® is applied to a wound it captures all the bleeding blood vessels in a single motion, and achieves hemostasis in seconds for the entire wound, as compared to minutes by electric cauterization. Although cauterization does stop the bleeding upon contact, cauterization must be applied to each blood vessel in that wound, taking a minute or more to assure all the bleeding has stopped. As a result, when you add up each bleeding wound treatment, SeraSeal® will reduce surgical time as much as 50% or more.

Uncontrolled bleeding is a leading cause of death, a depletion of blood product resources, and creates an intrinsically high level of stress. A primary hemostatic agent, SeraSeal®, is now available to manage the most challenging hemorrhages.

SeraSeal® is able to effectively control bleeding in Level III and Level IV type hemorrhages in seconds, and can be used in emergency and trauma cases. Clinical studies and clinical use have demonstrated SeraSeal®’s unique formulation to be effective in a wide range of coagulopathies.

When SeraSeal® is applied to a wound, it does not create inflamation or damage to the tissues, allowing wound healing to occur sooner. A one-component hemostatic agent, SeraSeal® requires no mixing or preparation, and will soon be available in multiple delivery systems. Each delivery system has been designed to fascilitate treatment of all kinds of wounds on any part of the body.

By controlling bleeding, the need for blood transfusions is substantially reduced, thereby, reducing risk and cost to the patient. Additional cost savings are realized through the use of SeraSeal® by reducing surgical time, in some cases saving as much as 50%, along with a shorter hospital stay.

SeraSeal® is Exclusively Imported, Marketed and Distributed by GX INTERNATIONAL, INC.